Frequently asked Questions

  • • What is Kenji Club Mobile App?
    Kenji Club is the Loyalty Club of Sumo Sushi & Bento through the mobile app. It replaces the current Sumo Club Card (SCC) program. The current SCC program will be obsolete as of September 2018
  • • How does it work?
    The app will give you an easy to earn Kenji Coins to use for your discounted and free items, get the most recent offers, news and happenings at Sumo, reserve a table, order via the app, send your feedback through the app, join the referral program, and so much more!
  • • How to download the mobile app?
    Go to App Store (for iphone users) or Google Play (for android users), search for Sumo Sushi & Bento and then install the app.
  • • How do I earn points?
    Earn Kenji Coins from your purchases and use Kenji Coins for your payment on your next purchase.
    1AED=1 Kenji Coin
    1BD=10 Kenji Coins
  • • How to redeem my coins?
    To redeem your Kenji coins, check the 'Rewards for Coins' section on the app, choose the item you want to redeem, check if your coins are enough for redemption, then show the server your app to assist you. You may also directly add the item on offer in your cart when you order via the mobile app.
  • • Can I share my points to my friend as a gift? How?
    Yes! Go to Setting > Share Coins > Share it's that easy!
  • • What do I get after downloading the app?
    Upon downloading the app, you get a FREE Welcome Gift* with any purchase at Sumo. *Welcome Gifts are subject to change

  • • Can the I see my transactions on the app?
  • • Can I see my current Kenji Coins?
    Yes, the total Kenji coins are showing on the upper right-hand corner of the app or on your profile.
  • • I deleted the app; will my points remain?
    Yes, the points will remain in your account and the account is identified by your registered email address. So, if you download the app again or use another device, it will ask you for the registered email address and all transactions will be transferred/retrieved in the new app.
  • • I referred the app to my friends, when will I get my Free Kenji Coins?
    Your Free Kenji Coins will be credited to your account upon your friend's first order that is scanned on the mobile app at any Sumo branches.
  • • How do I know that my Table Reservation is confirmed?
    The branch will give you a call whether the reservation is available or unavailable.
  • • When will I receive my Kenji Coins when I order via 800-7866 or Sumo website online ordering?
    You will receive your Kenji Coins within 2 to 3 working days after your purchase. Please ensure that your push notification is turned on to receive the Kenji Coins.
  • • Where can I update my Profile?
    Go to the Menu page icon on the upper-left hand corner of the app > Click your Profile Name to update your details.
  • • How to report any issues?
    For technical issues, Click Technical Support under the Menu page.
  • • For other inquiries, Send a Message through the app.
    Go to Home Page > Scroll down to the bottom of the app > Click the Message icon

Sumo Club Card Transfer FAQs

If you're a current SCC (Sumo Club Card) member, we are so happy you're choosing to stay with us and transfer to our Kenji Club mobile app!
Please see some FAQs that may pertain to you below.
  • • What will happen to my SCC points? Can I transfer them to the mobile app?
    Definitely! You will not lose your SCC points. Apply for this immediately and ask your server to assist you or email us at and we'll ensure your points are transferred to Kenji Coins.
  • • What is the conversion of my current SCC points to Kenji coins?
    1 SCC point = 10 Kenji Coins
  • • What do I do with my SCC card?
    Your SCC will be blocked as of September 30th, 2018. Failure to utilize the points before the given date will cause your points to be forfeited.
  • • How to request the transfer of points?
    You can send an email to or go to your favorite Sumo branch to give your SCC back to Sumo providing the necessary details; Name that SCC is under, Registered Contact Number, Email Address, 16digit SCC and pin.
  • • Can you use the SCC points before downloading the app?
    Yes, you have the option to utilize all of the SCC points before downloading the app.
  • • Why will I transfer my SCC points?
    By transferring your SCC points, you will get an instant gift of FREE Crunchy Crazy Roll and 10 Kenji Coins per SCC point, as a previous SCC member.