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Sumo Sushi & Bento has been franchising in the Middle East for 10 years and we are excited to continue to be expanding globally. Sumo Sushi & Bento is committed to your success and provides the resources that you need to get started quickly. We are looking to create lasting and valued relationships with entrepreneurs who share our vision of being the acclaimed leader of casual Japanese dining.


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The Sumo System
Experienced. Efficient. Successful.

The Sumo Sushi & Bento operations system represents years of experience in the
restaurant industry and in particular fast fresh Japanese food.

Sumo has hired some of the top efficiency experts to create a streamlined development and operating system that has been proven over the years.
Our easy to work with franchise system is true to the Sumo brand core values of integrity, simplicity, quality and creativity. We provide you with the tools you’ll need to create and sustain a business based around Sumo’s authentic Japanese casual dining experience. Everything from the design of your restaurant, training, sustainable kitchen practices and ongoing marketing is created to support you long term. Our focus in helping you to create a sustainable and vibrant business is because we understand that when you grow and succeed, we grow together.

The Support:

Sumo Sushi & Bento prides itself on franchise support.

No one is more important than your customers. When you join the Sumo Sushi & Bento franchise system, you’re joining a system that is constantly being refined and improved. You will become part of a growing brand that has been the recipient of countless local and regional accolades. You’re also gaining access to a staff of experts with years of collective experience in the exploding Fast Casual segment.

Core Support Elements

Market Research
Site Selection
Marketing and Advertising
Purchasing Assistance
Key Vendor Relationships
Brand Standards Manual
Store Design Construction Consultancy


Jerome Mortel
Franchise Support & Quality Manager

Quality time spent with family and friends, watching people sing and smile at work, encouraging words, listening to others express excitement, playing basketball and seeing documentary films are just a few things that Jerome Mortel finds happiness in. This might just stem from being the fourth of seven kids – of which, six were boys. Quite a diverse and active life he is leading! Mortel started at Sumo as a server in 2005. Since then he has graciously and justifiably earned his way into the position he gained, and has held, since 2009; holding the title of ‘Franchise Support and Quality Manager.’

As Sumo expert himself, he works wonderfully alongside a team of Sumo professionals. He contributes a very valued opinion on how to improve restaurant processes and systems on food quality, product development, management, customer service and more. He ensures that all Sumo outlets are in compliance with the set guidelines on all aspects of service and quality through constant monitoring and training.

When he gets more time, Mortel tells us he would love to get to know Sumo employees on a more personal level and socialize with the team more. Sumo can safely say he is one of the best of his kind; always looking at existing processes his team and him have put in place to figure out how to make things easier. Besides his years of personal experience and hard work, Mortel’s has a Bachelor Degree in Business Administration from Jaipur National University, School of Distance Education and Learning.

Dinesh Chauhan
Franchise Operations Manager

“Have you made a difference in one person’s life today?” That’s the mantra that Dinesh Chauhan, husband and father to his 20-month-old son, lives by. No doubt can you can count on him to constantly be searching for a way to make your day happy; because that–and his family–is what makes him happy.

After working for Sumo as the manager of one of our corporate branches, Chauhan left on a quest to gain more experience in the industry. When the opportunity arose for him to return Sumo he didn’t think.. or blink.. twice about it! We needed our National Geographic loving, documentary film watching, tender hearted friend back!

Chauhan has more than 10 years of credit and continuously progressive experience in the Food and Beverage industry. In those years, he has successfully seen companies through their entire start-up process and has been fully involved in their growth progression.

His seasoned skill set comes from holding a variety of different F&B operational positions at places such as hotels, casual dining restaurants and international coffee chains. Throughout his versed exposure to the industry, in which he gained all of the expertise we are so happy to obtain, Chauhan has been responsible for managing as many as 500 employees – and has proven to be more than competent.

Chauhan holds a Bachelor in Hotel and Restaurant Management from the International Institute of Hotel Management, India. But we would say the real stepping stone that made him so valuable to us is his big heart, passion for people and enjoyment in seeing individuals, and our company, succeed.

The Dojo
Training, marketing, and operations information

A dojo is a Japanese term which literally means,“place of the way”. The term can refer to a formal training place.

Our Company Intranet, The Dojo, gives you ALL access 24 hours a day to our manuals, recipes, marketing initiatives, artworks, collaterals and much more. It is your source for all things Sumo!

The Sumo system is built on running its own successful chain of restaurants

After running a Sumo Sushi & Bento franchise for one and a half years, we are eager to open another branch to expand. The support, assistance and guidance from the franchisor has helped us to achieve the target revenue in the very first year of operation. From construction, manning, staff trainings, all the way up to operations, we have obtained the support that we expected. Being the master franchisee in Bahrain, we attest that Sumo International provides the successful formula to run a successful Japanese restaurant chain.

Ahmed Al Merbati
Manager Director, Al Merbati International W.L.L.
Sumo Bahrain; Juffair and The Lagoon Amwaj

As soon as I decided to franchise, I knew that I would go for Sumo Sushi & Bento. Sumo made my dream of owning a successful restaurant into a reality. I am familiar with the brand and really loved the concept. First I was a customer, now I’m a franchisee-owner. The franchisor and their team are always here to guide from the very first stage until now that each one of my franchise branches are up and running. Sharing the same vision with the franchisor of being the number one casual Japanese restaurant in the Middle East-GCC, assures me that the partnership will go a long way. Currently, I have three franchise branches in less than two years, and working to own several more!

Bader, founder B&K Hospitality
Garhoud, Health Care City, Motor City, Sumo Sharjah; Al Qasba, Sumo Abu Dhabi; Masdar City

The Sumo System
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