Six Steps to Your

Sumo Story

1. Getting to Know Each Other

During this phase you fill out the NDA and we answer all your questions. We provide you a sample look at a Dojo Demo and the level of support that you are going to receive. You fill out the application form and send it in to us.

2. We want Pre-nup

Phase 2 is a look into the region and the opportunity for success that you are going to have.

3. We’re Dating

When we reach this stage, we provide you with our Letter of Intent, you review, and have decided you want to move forward, sign it and return it to us with a franchise deposit. We then provide you with a summary of our unit level economics and Market Study templates. You work to fill out the Market Study and do a ProForma for your region.

4. Let’s Get Hitched

We’ve both decided based on all of our due diligence that we are the right Franchisor for you and you are the right Franchisee for us! We sign our Franchise Agreement.

5. Let’s Find a Place

Now we head out into the region that you are interested in and do a thorough and in depth Market Study to find the perfect location for your Sumo Sushi & Bento.

6. Let’s Make It Home

Build Out begins and together we build your Sumo Success Story.


Sumo Sushi & Bento has usual and customary fees for joining our system. When you sign for 3-5 Units our franchise fee per unit is $35,000 USD.


Royalty Fee


Marketing /National Ad Fund Fee


Technology Fee