The Sumo Secret

Good People : Good Food : Good Fun

At Sumo Sushi & Bento we take our mission statement through every aspect of the business. As a sushi franchisee you can expect to be supported at Sumo through our mission statement, in all of the following ways.

Good People


Our focus on culture not just within our restaurants but within our franchise relationships is a high priority. As a Sumo Franchisee we offer access to tools to help you maximize your information to take care of your people so they can take care of the guests, in turn the guests keep coming back.

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Good Food


We’re a sushi franchise and that means some stellar food with exceptional flavors that are sourced from around the globe. As is key to franchising, consistency in our menu is vital. We provide the tools your teams need to ensure vendor continuity and above all, recipe and menu consistency.

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Good Fun


The Sumo Way is to engage with our teams and communities in a way that makes Japanese cuisine unpretentious, casual and fun. We take the stuffy out of sushi!

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Sumo Sushi & Bento prides itself on franchise support.

No one is more important than your guests. When you join the Sumo Sushi & Bento franchise system, you’re joining a system that is constantly being refined and improved. You will become part of a growing brand that has been the recipient of countless local and regional accolades. You’re also gaining access to a staff of experts with years of collective experience in the exploding Fast Casual segment.

Good People

Good People

Marketing Support

  • Local Store Marketing initiatives
  • Website support and store set up page
  • Social Media content and platform management support
  • Global initiatives to engage customers and encourage foot traffic
  • Loyalty Programs
  • Event Support

IT Support

  • Pre-Approved POS integration with Dojo
  • Guest WIFI Solution
  • Complete Installation and Management of POS Solution
  • Franchise Support / IT Support – Dojo provides direct access to raise any related suggestions / queries

Restaurant Build Out Support

  • Dojo Online Project management of each new location development
  • Onsite visits during construction stage
  • Complete Design Guidelines
  • Assistance in preliminary AUTOCAD designing
  • All Section drawings approvals with samples
  • Complete Equipment Catalog

Sumo Employees Career Passport to Success program

Good Food

Menu Research / Regionalization

Menu Photoshoot for new menu development

Menu Design

Nutritional Analysis of the Brand Core Menu

Limited Time Offers and Monthly specials:

  • Product Development
  • Complete Photoshoots and Collaterals
  • Detailed Marketing Communication
  • Training Videos

New Menu idea submission channel on DOJO to Sumo Corporate

Supply chain quality verification and assistance in suppliers sourcing

Supply chain Catalog

Online platform to place your orders from Corporate

On line Inventory Management System

Online Recipe Management with:

  • Training Videos
  • Pictures of finish products and other detailed method of preparation

Semi Annual Branch Quality and Food Safety Audits

Good Food
Good Fun

Good Fun

The Dojo

Our Company Intranet, The Dojo, gives you ALL access, 24 hours a day

Easy access to Reports, Guidelines, Content, Support and much more.

  • Restaurant KPI Balance Score Cards
  • Manuals
  • Guidelines
  • Recipes
  • Marketing initiatives
  • Artworks
  • Images
  • Collaterals
  • Operational Policies and Procedures

Online Training

Sumo Employees Career Passport to Success program

Complete In-House on the job training for each restaurant position

It is your source for all things Sumo!

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