Finish your meal with these new desserts!
Matcha Dream
Matcha ice cream rolled with a light and fluffy matcha cake
Price: AED 26 / BHD 2.60 / OMR 2.600

Midori Delight
Matcha cake drizzled with a light vanilla green tea sauce 
Price: AED 24 / BHD 2.40 / OMR 2.60

Kasutera Cake
A light Japanese cheese cake in two flavor options; Mocha drizzled with homemade Lotus Biscoff sauce OR Sweet Potato drizzled with our homemade berry sauce 
Price: AED 24 / BHD 2.40 / OMR 2.600

Sumo Special Sundaes
Price: AED 14 / BHD 1.40 / OMR 1.400       
Yuzu Dream - Lightly sweetened, tart citrus yuzu for the perfect balance to top your ice cream
Coconut Berry Bliss - Blissfully divine, a combination of tropical coconut and fresh berries 
Biscoff Bomb - Everything you know and love of Biscoff cookies in a creamy sauce to top your ice cream 
Salted Caramel Sensation - A sensational balance of creamy, buttery, homemade caramel drizzle, infused with sea salt

Valid for a limited time only!