Limited Time Offers
Fire Starters 
JalapeƱos stuffed with a mixture of cream cheese, crabstick and spring onions, dipped in tempura batter and deep fried and then drizzled with spicy mayo and Sumo's own teriyaki sauce

Price: AED 30 / BHD 3.00 / OMR 3.000

Tofu Truffle Wafu
A garden salad topped with broccoli, cherry tomatoes, seaweed salad & fresh tofu, sprinkled with sesame seeds; served with a Japanese soy truffle dressing on the side

Price: AED 35 / BHD 3.50 / OMR 3.500

Crabstick Wonton
A mixture of crabstick and cream cheese wrapped in a traditional wonton, then fried to crispy perfection and finished with a sweet chili sauce

Price: AED 28 / BHD 2.80 / OMR 3.500

Prawn Poppers
A mixture of avocado, chopped prawns, red onions, tomato & red capsicum, rolled in panko and deep fried, served with a drizzle of wasabi cream sauce

Price: AED 35 / BHD 3.50 / OMR 3.500