The Yokozuna Challange - Bahrain

Can you beat the Yokozuna?

Complete the challenge & enter to win a FREE Tray of Choice for a year & CASH PRIZES!
The Yokozuna Challenge is a two-part individual eating contest.
Part 1: Contestants are challenged to eat a giant 2kg roll within 15 minutes
Part 2: The Top Five contestants will compete against one another for the grand prize and for the title of the "2019 Yokozuna Champion"
Grand Prize: Title belt + 2000aed + Free Tray of Choice for a year
All finalists will get consolation prizes.

Challenge starts from September 25th to October 24th.
Take the challenge at selected Sumo branches.

Terms & Conditions
Available at select locations only.
Yokozuna Challenge is an Individual contest, only one contestant may participate in the challenge at a time.

Anyone 18yrs or older can participate in the challenge.

Anyone between the ages of 15-17yrs, can participate with parent consent, parent must be present during challenge.

All contestants and parents must provide a photo ID or proof of age to participate.

Contestant must state current health and allergies before participating.

Contestants are challenged to eat a giant 2kg roll within 15mins.

Must participate in contest, meal not valid for purchase.

Contestants that complete the challenge will NOT have to pay for their meal and will be entered into a final contest. The contestants with the best overall time for completing the challenge will receive prizes from Grand Prize to fifth place.

Contestants who fail the challenge will pay for the cost of the meal.

All contestants will be given their choice of two (2) bottled water or regular iced tea while competing, any additional beverages will be subject to payment by contestant.

Contestants can compete in the challenge up to four times, the best score out of all timings will be used as the final score. However, only the first attempt where the contestant finished the roll will be free. All subsequent attempts to beat his/her own record will be charged.

As a challenger you are eligible for one free roll in under 15 minutes. Upon beating the challenge you are eligible for that roll free. If you choose to attempt to be beat your time to compete in the Grand Championship, the subsequent attempts will incur the 79 AED / 7.900 BHD charge.

Contestants must Register and accept all waiver forms and health forms for every entry.

Winners will be announced on Social Media and will be contacted separately.

The contestants with the top five (5) best time during the competition from Sept 25th- Oct 24th will be entered to compete in the Grand Championship.

Yokozuna Challenge: Sept 25th- Oct 24th
Yokozuna Grand Championship Competition & Prize Redemption:
UAE - Nov 8th 2019
Bahrain - Nov 1st 2019
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Can you beat the Yokozuna?