Poke Paina Festival with two enticing poke bowls.

Poke Paina Festival with two enticing poke bowls.

Satisfy your cravings for authentic Japanese cuisine. Enjoy the Hawaiian slices and experience a symphony of flavors in every bite. Order now for an unforgettable Poke feast!

New Items added in festival:

Fresh Catch POke

Fresh generous cuts of seared Tuna along with salmon topped with avocado, seaweed salad, radish, beetroot and Sumo Poke sauce garnished with Sakura greens mix

Atsui Bowl

Sumo favorites of rock n’ roll shrimp, crispy fried salmon fillet, Crabstick salad topped with Sumo’s signature sauce, Spicy Mayo, avocado, seaweed salad, and green tobiko

Other Items:


Samurai Poke

A bed of rice layered with shrimp tempura and salmon then topped with crabstick salad, avocado, cream cheese and spicy mayo

Cali Poke

Rice bowl topped with crabstick, shrimp, avocado, cucumber, and mayo

The Duke

A poke bowl inspired by Hawaii’s most famous Surfer "Duke Kahanamoku", comes with your choice of rice or garden greens layered under cuts of salmon, tuna and tako flavored with our special Poke Sauce. Served with seaweed, garnished with tobiko, sesame seeds and spring greens

Poke Bowl

Poke’ rice bowls made to order with your choice of rice, fish and sauce 


Muscle Up with a deliciously sweet and savory protein packed bowl, filled with quinoa, dark greens, black pepper salmon and shrimp


Strengthen your day with our Tsuyoi bowl, filled with kale, sweet potatoes and sustainably fresh caught tuna, to help strengthen and feed your muscles either before or after your workout

Lawai’a Bowl

Refreshing slices of tuna, salmon, prawn, and crabstick drizzled with Sumo’s signature sauce, topped with avocado, wakame, and tobiko

Chirashi Bowl

A bed of sushi rice topped with tuna, salmon & hamachi chuncks, filled with avocado, ebi sushi, garnished with ikura salmon and sakura mix

Terms and Conditions

Valid for dine-in, pick-up, and delivery. 

Available from September 1 - Oct 31st. 

Available at ALL locations.


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