April 2018
Specials of the Month
Tom Yumm
Classic flavors of the spicy Thai soup Tom Yum, in a sushi roll. Served with prawns, crabstick, and salmon; topped with fresh jalapenos and a spicy tom yum sauce
Price: AED 53 / BD 5.000 / OMR 5.000

Glass Noodle Plate
Glass noodles stir-fried with a sweet and savory soy sauce, beef, and a medley of vegetables
Price: AED 53 / BD 4.500 / OMR 5.000

Green Dream
Smooth and creamy blend of cucumber, celery, avocado and mint, with a hint of lemon, for a fresh and healthy drink
Price: AED 26 / BD 2.400 / OMR 2.400

Call 800 - SUMO (7866) to order or go to www.sumosushibento.com/orderonline