February 2018
Specials of the Month
XO XO Roll. A selection of salmon, shrimp, unagi, tuna, tobiko and avocado sushi rolled into perfect spheres to form Temari sushi and patterned with spicy mayo sauce.
Price: AED 42 / BD 5.500 / OMR 4.000

Tom Yum Nabemono.
 Classic flavors of the spicy Thai soup Tom Yum, made with fish, prawns and mussels served in a hot pot for a Japanese twist. 

Price: AED 48 / BD 4.500 / OMR 4.500

Red Rush. 
Fresh Orange and Tomato juice with a green chili kick to spark your taste buds in this nutritious smoothie, sweetened with agave.
Price: AED 21 / BD 2.000 / OMR 2.000

Call 800 - SUMO (7866) to order or go to www.sumosushibento.com/orderonline