Winter Wonderland
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Kimchee Fried Rice 
Our famous Sumo Fried rice, flavor filled with more seafood and added kimchee and an egg on top, served with karaage chicken and kimchee on the side
Price: AED 44 / BD 4.40 / OMR 4.400

Seafood Yaki Udon
A seafood lovers dream: Prawns, squid, narutomaki, pakchoy, mixed with udon noodles, fresh vegetables, soy sauce, and katsu sauce. 
Price: AED 45 / BD 4.50 / OMR 4.500

Seafood Nabeyaki Udon
Warm up with this traditional mixture of salmon, crabstick, prawns, squid, narutomaki (fishcake), udon noodles and lots of fresh vegetables in a shiitake soup base
Price: AED 45 / BD 4.50 / OMR 4.500

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