Summer Heat
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Chips & Salsea 
Our twist on traditional chips and salsa with a seafood  kick of salmon, avocado, sesame oil and tobiko mixed with spicy mayo 
45 AED 4.50 BD 4.500 OMR

Black Pepper Seafood 
A spicy combination from the sea full of  mussel, prawns, squid, and white fish all served alongside steamed rice 
49 AED 4.90 BD 4.900 OMR 

Tuna Poke Spring Roll 
Chill out this summer with this fresh roll of tuna, tobiko, fresh vegetables, and our perfect Poke Salad Sauce* wrapped in light rice paper. *Contains Soya and Sesame Oil 
39 AED 3.90 BD 3.900 OMR 

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