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Delightful Desserts

Java Tea Jelly

Two of your favorites: coffee and matcha green tea come together in this sensationally smooth and cooling dessert
Price: AED 25 / BD 2.50 / OMR 2.500

Matcha Dream
Matcha ice cream rolled with a light and fluffy matcha cake
Price: AED 26 / BD 2.60 / OMR 2.600

Midori Delight
Matcha cake drizzled with a vanilla green tea sauce
Price: AED 24 / BD 2.40 / OMR 2.400

Kasutera Cake
A Light Japanese cheese cake in two flavor options; Mocha drizzled with homemade Lotus Biscoff sauce Sweet Potato drizzled with our homemade berry sauce 
Price: AED 24 / BD 2.40 / OMR 2.400

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