December 2018
Specials of the Month
Kemuri Dragon Roll
A savory roll filled with ebi fry sushi, avocado, and tamago, topped with unagi and ebiko served with a hint of smoky flavor
Price:  AED 58.00 | BHD 5.500 | OMR 5.500

Crazy Date
A chocolatey and nutty smoothie, filled with almonds, pecans, and dates; sweetened with a touch of agave for a healthy and delicious treat 
Price: AED 26.00 | BHD 2.400 | OMR 2.400

Kuro Men Soup (Currently Not Available)
Delicious and light ramen filled with a seafood medley of calamari, shrimp, and seaweed, served with shiitake mushrooms, bok choy and nutritious forbidden rice noodles 
Price: AED 48.00 | BHD 4.500 | OMR 4.500