Food Safety,

a responsibility that we share...

Food safety tips and information you should know about.

Did you know?

...that many different types of food can make you sick. Food that contains dangerous bacteria or viruses may not look, smell or taste any different from food that is safe. Food poisoning bacteria are either in the food to begin with or are transferred to the food during storage, cooking, preparing or serving.

...that certain people have an increased risk for foodborne illness.
These "at risk" people include:
- Pregnant women and newborns
- Older adults
- People with weakened immune systems and chronic illness including diabetes, kidney disease, AIDS and some cancer patients.

...that nearly half of all cases of foodborne illness could be eliminated if people would wash their hands more often when preparing and handling food.

...that leftovers should be stored in airtight shallow containers (two inches or less) for rapid cooling and to prevent the build up of bacteria. The time it takes for food in a large container to cool can be long enough for bacteria to grow. Never allow leftovers to cool to room temperature before refrigerating them.

...that recent studies show there's no real benefit to washing meat and poultry. In fact, if you think you're removing bacteria from meat and poultry by washing it, you might be allowing germs to spread to other ready-to-eat foods - causing cross-contamination in the process. The way to kill bacteria is to cook all meat, poultry and seafood to proper temperatures. And remember - use a meat thermometer to check the doneness!

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